Fall Tournament 2015, Day 12: Terunofuji Defeated

There will be no zensho yusho. Tochiozan defeated Terunofuji, and got to visit the interview room. Terunofuji tried for an early throw but Tochiozan was able to keep his balance and used his superior leverage and position to counter, backing the ozeki out of the dohyo. Terunofuji will have to regroup quickly as he’ll face Kisenosato tomorrow. It’s a great time for Tochiozan to get his first win over Terunofuji. This win improves his chances of a winning record immensely and helps prove he’s not just overpriced yuzu. He’ll face Aminishiki tomorrow with both going for their kachi-koshi. Hopefully he won’t let the geezer get him with the henka like Kakuryu yesterday.

Screenshot (117)

Ikioi (10-2) fell to Yoshikaze, who picked up kachi-koshi and likely a special prize. The two have a fairly even rivalry but today’s match was decidedly one-sided. Strong thrusts from Yoshikaze, including a really disruptive one to Ikioi’s throat, got Ikioi moving backwards. As he ran out of real estate, he seemed to lose where he was on the dohyo and stepped out. Tomorrow, Ikioi will face a surging Tochinoshin. Tochinoshin used the same strategy as Yoshikaze. He battered Tamawashi with aggressive thrusts, getting him to move backwards. But rather than step out, Tamawashi used the bales to get some purchase to resist. Tochinoshin’s raw strength proved decisive as he just picked Tamawashi up and plopped him over the bales. He can pick up Ichinojo’s dead weight. Ikioi will need to bring something more as Tochinoshin will also be up for his kachi-koshi.

Kakuryu is now back in the chase by virtue of both leaders’ defeats and his win over Kotoshogiku. Giku got on the belt for once and then futilely tried to throw (or hump – not clear which) the yokozuna. With Giku balanced on one leg, Kakuryu toppled him over. His destiny is back in his hands. Obviously the same can be said of Terunofuji, but if he wins all matches from here out, he will win the tournament with a playoff victory. He no longer needs to rely on someone else beating Terunofuji to stay in contention. Kakuryu will meet Goeido tomorrow and Kotoshogiku will face Sadanoumi.

Kisenosato (9-3) stays in the chase with his defeat of Myogiryu. Myogiryu started well with a powerful nodo-wa to get Kisenosato turning backward. But it just turned the ozeki, it didn’t get his momentum moving backward. Kisenosato grabbed Myogiryu’s arm, pulled him forward, and then attacked from the side like a really fat velociraptor. Myogiryu will face Amuru tomorrow. Amuru failed to get his kachi-koshi today and Myogiryu will be a tough match for tomorrow.


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