Harumafuji Out

The makuuchi bouts will start in a few hours. Harumafuji is sadly an early scratch. His elbow was really bothering him the last few tournaments so I’m hoping he gets to recover.

Okinoumi is facing the roughest first two days. His tournament starts with Hakuho on day one, Terunofuji on day two. His fellow komusubi, Tochinoshin, makes his return to sanyaku today against Kakuryu, to be followed with Kisenosato tomorrow. Both will have a rough first week.

Osunaarashi faces Goeido and Kotoshogiku in his first two days, definitely two winnable bouts for the Egyptian. The bout of the day will be Takarafuji vs Ichinojo. Endo vs Amuru will be interesting, too.


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