Nagoya 2015, Day 6: Ikioi Finally Wins!

The Leaders:

Hakuho obliterated Myogiryu again. Kakuryu’s win over Aoiyama basically went like this: shove, slap, shove, slap, repeat 10x, quickly grab for the belt and plop the Bulgarian over the edge. Terunofuji picked up Sadanoumi and threw him into the crowd to stay winless. Kagamio stays the only “underclassman” among the undefeated. He faces a resurgent Endo tomorrow.

The Rest:

Kisenosato’s win over Ichinojo keeps him in the hunt while Tochiozan also improved to 5-1 with a dominant win over Takayasu. Kaisei also remains one off the lead by withstanding Tamawashi’s head and throat shots. Yay! Ikioi got his first win of the tournament against Aminishiki. Short celebration, though, as he faces Hakuho tomorrow. The last time he lost the first five matches, he finished 1-14. The time before that, he finished 5-10. Let’s turn this bus around!

Okinoumi quickly neutralized Oosunaarashi’s aggressive slaps, forcing a belt battle. This takes advantage of the Egyptian’s injured shoulder and Okinoumi was able to secure a winning throw. Chiyotairyu is bringing it this tournament. He nearly took Satoyama’s (2-4) head off with a quick yorikiri to improve to 4-2. I agree with Kintamayama on today’s Tokitenku/Kotoyuki fight. It is definitely worth watching over, and over (2:45). This is the most ridiculous kick move I’ve ever seen. Losing balance, flailing all over the place…very amusing.


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