Nagoya 2015, Day 7: Goeido Sole Ozeki Winner

The Leaders:

Hakuho played with Ikioi for a little bit, perhaps to build his confidence, before easily pushing him out for yorikiri win. Kakuryu fended off an early challenge from Kaisei to stay undefeated. As soon as he got a two-handed belt grip, Kakuryu had the match in the bag.

Terunofuji (6-1) faced Goeido (4-3) in the first Ozeki match up of the tournament. Goeido prevailed with a slick kick to the shin, catching the shin-ozeki off-guard. Lastly, Endo (5-2) put an end-o to Kagamio’s (6-1) unbeaten streak. Tochiozan (6-1) stayed in the hunt with a great win over Myogiryu. It’s now a yokozuna battle for the title with this small group of 3 now chasing.

The Rest:

Kisenosato (5-2) was in control of his match against Aoiyama (3-4) until devastated by a fierce nodowa. That turned the tables in the match and turned the ozeki out. It likely took the ozeki out of contention for the yusho. Kotoshogiku (3-4) also fell today, flat on his face after a Takayasu (3-4) henka. After looking a bit rejuvenated with very strong bouts over the last few days, he slipped back under .500 with the loss. With 8 days remaining, Giku can only lose 3 more to remain an ozeki and these upcoming bouts will be against the strongest competition, including both yokozuna and three ozeki.


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