Hakuho’s 34th Emperor’s Cup!

It’s good to have a tournament be decided on the last day during the last match between the yokozuna. Today, Terunofuji did his part. After the big win yesterday against Ichinojo to keep the pressure on, he was able to throw Goeido, setting up Harumafuji. Harumafuji needed to beat Hakuho to force a play-off between Terunofuji and Hakuho but he couldn’t seal the deal. With a yorikiri pushout victory over his yokozuna compatriot, Hakuho notched another tournament victory.

For the outstanding efforts of the tournament, during his sanyaku debut, Terunofuji secured two special prizes: Outstanding Performance and Fighting Spirit. It is his first Outstanding Performance award but his second Fighting Spirit prize. I’m just still a bit sad that Aminishiki couldn’t get the Technique prize as he’d had to pull out of the tournament with injury.

On down in Juryo, Fujiazuma secured the Juryo yusho and likely promotion to Makuuchi to replace Amuru, who’ll drop back to Juryo with a 7-8 record. Ishiura finished 9-6, ending on a 5 match winning streak. Dewahayate won the Makushita yusho over Mizuta. He probably won’t bound all the way into Juryo, but one more great tournament from higher in the banzuke will get him into the salaried ranks. In the meantime, Mitakeumi had a solid tournament debut in Makushita, going 6-1. Shodai went 4-3


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