March Tournament 2015: Day 13 – Terunofuji Beats Hakuho

Terunofuji beat Hakuho in a pretty evenly contested bout. If anything, Terunofuji was the dominant wrestler, able to control position and pace. Each had a one-handed belt grip but in the end, he was able to use his size advantage to force out the yokozuna. The crowd erupted, and Hak just looked stunned.

Hakuho returns to the dohyo among flying zabuton
Hakuho returns to the dohyo among flying zabuton

Terunofuji came to ball. He still needs help though, to compete for the yusho as Hakuho sits on a one-win lead going into Day 14. Also, if he wins, I think there will be an asterisk next to the yusho as he does not compete against Harumafuji and other wrestlers from his heya and Kakuryu is out. However, in the head-to-head match, there’s no denying his strong victory.

The leaderboard:
Hakuho: 12-1
Terunofuji: 11-2
Harumafuji: 10-3
Gagamaru: 10-3

Yes, that’s Gagamaru tied with Harumafuji, 2 wins off pace. He’s been able to use his girth to dominate the lower ranks of the maegashira. It will be great to see him get a special prize after having been in Juryo for much of the last year.

Thanks to Kintamayama for the videos!


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