Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium to Host 2019 Rugby World Cup Final

I was reading an interesting article in The Economist about how hosting these mega sporting events are not good for the hosting country, particularly for the local area. Many white elephant construction projects go un-used and are poorly maintained afterwards. I think Tokyo may be able to buck that trend by actually putting many of these venues to good use after the games. But the article is also pretty damning in its criticism of the IOC for taking a larger and larger share of television revenues. Tokyo should probably try to negotiate better terms. I’d hate to see the Olympics devolve into showpiece spectacles for dictators.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium to Host 2019 Rugby World Cup Final

  1. When the Japan RWC was announced I started saving up to try and achieve multiple ambitions at the same time – Travel to Tokyo, see RWC games and catch the Sumo live (probably at the Kyushu Basho). Alas, an unexpected arrival in the shape of my third kid kinda put all that out of reach, but I’ll get there someday (Just not for the RWC in all likelihood). I’m glad that Tokyo is putting the Olympic venues to good use, and they did an excellent job with both the Olympics and the Football WC – a friend of mine went out there to watch the games and ending up living there – so I’m sure they’ll do great with the RWC.

    • Congratulations on the new kid but yeah, by the time the games come around you’ll be looking at a full fare. Maybe you’ll win the lottery.

      We’re hoping to go, too, but the flights are pretty expensive.


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