Osunaarashi has “Apple Disease”

One week ahead of the Osaka tournament and Yahoo! Japan is reporting that Osunaarashi has come down with “Fifth Disease”. In Japan, it’s known as “Apple Disease” because the of the red cheeks one gets from the facial rash. I’m not a doctor but Wikipedia says that in adult patients, swelling joints can lead to an arthritis or arthritis-like condition. His doctor also stated a concern that in adults these can take longer to get well.

Apparently, he would have also been contagious before the symptoms presented so it could be possible that other wrestlers may have contracted it. The incubation period extends over the time of the basho so some may fall ill during the tournament. It would probably be more likely within his training partners, like the others in Otake stable. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery and hope that no one else catches it.

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