March Tournament: Banzuke

I was right about the Yokozuna and Ozeki. Harumafuji and Kakuryu swapped places and that was the only change from January. However, I thought Ichinojo and Aoiyama would stay in sanyaku. They did not and dropped pretty far. Ichinojo fell to maegashira 1 representing the West while Aoiyama is M3W. Tochiozan fell one spot from komusubi to M1E – opposite Ichinojo.

Terunofuji’s (above) 8-7 record with the special prize did get him sekiwake East. Okinoumi, though, jumped all the way to sekiwake West. The komusubi slots were taken by Tamawashi and Myogiryu; I thought they would get the top maegashira spots.

Kitataiki and Gagamaru were both promoted from juryo, joined by Amuru who gets another chance in the top flight after his 5-10 makuuchi debut in November. As for Ikioi, he did fall to maegashira 13 East opposite Sokokurai. That will be a good opening day bout. Meanwhile Osunaarashi is opposite the geezer, Kyokutenho – another good matchup. Endo fell two ranks, claiming the M5W, while Tochinoshin slipped to M4W. Tokushoryu’s Jun-yusho with 11 wins brings him up to M7W.

Ishiura’s 6-1 record in makushita earned him a promotion to juryo and Shodai’s yusho – with a victory over Ishiura – sees the 23 year old challenged at Makushita 3.

The full banzuke is available at the Sumo Kyokai website.

Or a permanent link from the SumoDB.


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