Hatsubasho 2015: Day 2

Kakuryu was the first yokozuna to fall today. His knee seemed to give when he was pushed to the edge of the dohyo. Given yesterday’s stumble, I’m wondering how healthy his knee is. He didn’t seem to get much drive against Takarafuji. He’s scheduled to take on Tochinoshin tomorrow who, despite the past injury, has a lot of power in his legs. For his part, he put up a valiant effort against Hakuho today so I’m going to pick him over a weakened Kakuryu tomorrow.

Harumafuji is looking on top of his game. He quickly dispatched Takayasu, revenge for the out-of-control spill over the summer? Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato both picked up wins but Goeido dropped his bout to Terunofuji. Aminishiki picked up a good throw victory against Ichinojo and Endo lost to Aoiyama. Endo immediately went back to view the replay of his match because I’m sure he thought Aoiyama stepped out. Replays show Aoiyama danced along the straw bails, letting Endo fall to the floor. He was never out.

So far, it’s looking like Harumafuji, Hakuho, Kisenosato, and Aoiyama will be battling for the title. They’re looking pretty fierce.


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