Hatsubasho 2015: Day 2 Preview

Kaisei vs Jokoryu is the match I’m looking forward to. Jokoryu won their only previous meeting in November with a throw. I usually look forward to Endo’s bouts but he’s facing a hungry Aoiyama tomorrow. And a hungry Aoiyama is not something you want to meet in a dark alley, even though Endo won their only previous meeting in July last year. I also like to see Tochinoshin back among the ballers…but tomorrow he faces the superzuna, Hakuho, who has never lost in their 16 previous meetings.

Kisenosato has faced Tochiozan 27 times so these two know eachother very well. Kisenosato has the edge 17-10, winning the last three in a row and 6 of the last 8. Kisenosato’s been gunning for a yusho lately so I think he’ll pull it out. Ikioi has the edge against Kotoshogiku, winning 3 of their 5 bouts but Kotoshogiku is in danger of demotion. He was particularly quick today, almost desperate. Ikioi cannot let the Ozeki play his way with those jack-rabbit-like leg thrusts. If it goes to the belt, lock in one of those legs or try to trip. Otherwise, I’d try to win a slapfest.

Sadly, Tosayutaka may not make it for Day 2. His knee or ankle seemed to buckle in his loss today and he visibly limped off. Hopefully just a mild sprain and he can be back soon. It’s shaping up to be an easy first win tomorrow for Kagamio.

Tokushoryu has won his last four meetings against Kotoyuki but those go back to 2013 so with both healthy it should be an even bout. Oosunaarashi has his first meeting against Arawashi. Oosunaarashi looks healthy so I see him going 2-0. He seemed a bit awkward on the belt today but he pulled out a win. If he stays healthy, he can pick up 10 wins against these lower ranked Maegashira.


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