Hatsubasho 2015: Day 3

Forget what I said yesterday about Kakuryu’s leg drive. Maybe his foot was asleep. He drove Tochinoshin out today, which is no mean feat. However, Hakuho and Harumafuji just look plain dangerous. They destroyed Takarafuji and Ikioi in short order. Also with 3 wins are maegashiras Jokoryu, Okinoumi, and Arawashi. Jokoryu’s been solid. If he keeps it up we’ll see how he does against better competition. Right now, though, Hakuho and Harumafuji look unstoppable.

Two Ozeki went down today, Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato. Kotoshogiku came up a bit lame on his leg. I hope it’s not too serious but it will seriously hinder his chances at staying among the Ozeki. Kisenosato hung on for dear life against Terunofuji who claimed his second ozeki scalp. For his efforts, he gets to face Hakuho tomorrow who beat him in each of their two meetings in September and November last year.

Aoiyama fell today to Ichinojo who met his fellow sekiwake head on with a strong tachiai and perservered for the yorikiri forceout. Endo had an evenly matched, lively bout against Aminishiki and should have won. Review shows Aminishiki touching with his hand before the pair tumbled off the dohyo into the crowd. But in the heat of the moment, Aminishiki was ruled victor and disappointingly there was no monoii conference to review the decision. As further punishment, Endo will face Harumafuji tomorrow. He may want to pull a Chiyoootori and call in sick.


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