Hatsubasho 2015, Day 1: Ichinojo steps out

Endo Ichinojo Yorikiri

In the duo’s highly anticipated first meeting, Endo wins by yorikiri. This is going to be a great rivalry. Even though the gyoji spotted Ichinojo step out and moved in to stop the fight, it seemed both wanted to keep going. I don’t think either wanted it to be over this way. I think they each wanted something more decisive, especially Ichinojo. I think he had visions of Switch from the Matrix, “Not like this, Not like this“.

That bout ended up being the only upset of the day. For a second, it looked like Kakuryu might lose his balance, but Takayasu couldn’t take advantage. Kisenosato looked to be in danger, too, but once on the edge was able to counter Takarafuji and get him going backwards.

Otherwise, all of the yokozuna and ozeki won their matches pretty handily and Aoiyama won against Aminishiki. Aminishiki charged out aggressively but Aoiyama countered well winning with an impressive neck throw at the edge of the ring. Yesterday, I refered to Aminishiki as the elder stateman, forgetting Kyokutenho who, at 40, is still going strong and won his first bout of 2015. It looks like it will be a great tournament!


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