November Tournament: Day 11

Day 11 brought more excitement to the tournament. Kisenosato has been performing very well and clearly wanted to be in contention for the title. He handed Kakuryu his first loss in a great bout. This shoving match seemed to be all about position not allowing the opponent to get inside and get a belt grip. For the most part it was Kisenosato on the attack and he was eventually able to shove a retreating Kakuryu off the dohyo.

Hakuho dodged a forceful attack from Goeido to get a quick 10th win, and thus secure a tie with Kakuryu at 1 loss. Harumafuji may have slipped out of contention entirely as he lost his balance in a weird one against Aoiyama. Aoiyama charged hard out of the gate, appeared to take a swing at the Yokozuna has he dodged away but as Harumafuji came back to re-engage, Aoiyama retreated to the edge of the dohyo resulting in the Harumafuji landing flat on his face.

Tochinoshin joined Kisenosato at 9-2 by outlasting Kyokutenho in an exciting matchup. Hopefully each will continue to rack up wins to keep this title up-for-grabs. Ichinojo, Endo and Ikioi also picked up wins.


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