November Tournament: Day 10

Two thirds of the way through and the title chase looks to be a battle between yokozuna: Kakuryu vs. Hakuho. Hakuho is alone at 9-1 after Kisenosato fell to Harumafuji and Kyokutenho lost to Jokoryu. Harumafuji looked surprisingly powerful, going right at Kisenosato and shoving him straight back and off the dohyo.

Neither Kotoshogiku nor Goeido looked impressive but Kotoshogiku got the win to get back to .500. Ichinojo rolled Aminishiki into the gyoji and off into the crowd. Ikioi’s losing record is assured and he’ll find himself back in the maegashira next tournament.

Tochinoshin won a bruising slapfest against Chiyomaru. Tochinoshin landed a strong right hand slap which seemed to totally take Chiyomaru out of it and thereafter he was quickly pushed over the bails. Osunaarashi won against Yoshikaze but it really looked like both should have been at home recovering from injury. Neither had the legs to drive their opponent, seemingly reliant on slapping eachother. Endo let Kaisei fall over as he retreated from the tachiai, he improves to 5-5.

Amuru won a great bout against Shohozan. Amuru was aggressive and looked in control throughout. It started as a slapfest that turned into a proper belt battle. At the end it looked like Shohozan might lose his belt as well as the match but it thankfully stayed on while he landed on the floor. Amuru just seems like he leans/hunches over too much and I don’t get how he’s not constantly off-balance.

I’m looking forward to Kakuryu v Kisenosato and Hakuho v Goeido. Goeido’s been quite the thorn in Hakuho’s side, particularly when he’s not having great tournaments. He could definitely pull off yet another upset. If Kisenosato were also to win, this tournament would completely change as there are several wrestlers with two losses including Kisenosato and Harumafuji.


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