November Tournament: Day 12

The Hakuho/Kisenosato matchup was the biggest match of the day and had the most potential for shaking-up the standings if Kisenosato could get the win. However, Hakuho showed great skill in throwing Kisenosato to the dirt. He’s clearly hungry for that 32nd title. Kakuryu had just beaten Goeido in the match prior, assuring the ozeki of a losing record and demotion is looking more certain. Kakuryu looked inspired by Hakuho’s near-henka the day before and pulled off an even better dodge, sending the hapless ozeki face first into the dirt. Harumafuji also won, but with three losses he’s 2 back of the pace set by his compatriots.

Kotoshogiku improved to 6-6 with a win over an uninspired Ichinojo. Ikioi persevered through Oosunaarashi’s blistering attack to force a great belt bout. Ikioi ended up throwing the Egyptian but both men wrestled well. Tochinoshin stays in title contention with a 10-2 record as he impressively carried Sokokurai out of the ring. Endo was able to counter Kotoyuki’s size advantage with a winning belt throw that sent both wrestlers bouncing off the dohyo and into the first row of spectators.

1-loss: Hakuho, Kakuryu
2-losses: Tochinoshin


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