November Tournament: Day 9

Kakuryu used his leverage to work Aoiyama (5-4) out of the ring and stay in the lead with a perfect 9-0 record. Hakuho quickly threw Ichinojo to stay one back off Kakuryu’s pace and remain in the hunt for his 32nd title. Joining Hakuho, and also securing a winning record for the tournament, are the 40 year-old Kyokutenho and ozeki Kisenosato by up-ending Toyohibiki (2-7).

Harumafuji threw an over-eager ozeki, Goeido, off the dohyo to get his seventh win. Goeido dropped to 4-5. Kotoshogiku gave it his all and got the win against Takayasu but still seems a bit weak when trying to drive forward with his legs. At this point, his wins seem to come from the back and upper body.

Ikioi beat Aminishiki to improve to 2-7 and faces Tochiozan (4-5) tomorrow. Aminishiki (3-6) will face Ichinojo (4-5), and will surely live to fight another day. Yoshikaze came back from injury but lost, and fell to (0-6-3). He’ll face Oosunaarashi tomorrow, likewise winless (0-4-5) and coming back from injury. I wish both well. One will pick up their first win of the tournament. Endo picked up his fourth win of the tournament, already garnering more wins than September, against Amuru (2-7), who’s not having a great makuuchi debut. Endo faces Kaisei (4-5) tomorrow. He’s 2-1 against the Brazilian and I’m hoping he pulls off the victory and gets closer to kachi-koshi.

Of tomorrow’s matchups, I think I’m most looking forward to Hakuho v. Aoiyama. Though he’s never beaten the yokozuna, Aoiyama has been the best performing of the Sekiwake/Komusubi foursome and has been giving every match his all.


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