Natsu Banzuke Video Podcast

The Natsu banzuke podcast, now in the every enjoyable video edition. With just one week to go, Josh joins Andy and Bruce to discuss the Natsu banzuke, the upcoming tournament and our always regrettable predictions.

Will Tochinoshin get his 10? Will Hakuho be able to compete with his injured arm? Did Andy actually predict Kotoshogiku will win the Emperor’s Cup?

5 thoughts on “Natsu Banzuke Video Podcast

  1. Kotoshogiku yusho? Bloody ridiculous.
    Tochi get 10 wins? Hope not.
    Hakuho should take couple yusho off? Injury not serious.
    Kakuryu yusho? Hope so.

    • Thanks for listening. Everyone’s welcome to their opinions of course. I would opine though that Hakuho’s injury is rather serious, enough that his participation in the upcoming tournament is extremely unlikely.

  2. I wonder if everyone will be more ready for Ichinojo’s slapdowns this time around. Maybe he’ll struggle. I would love it if he can kick off an ozeki run though.

    Also, I think, unofficially, he once weighed himself in at 230kg before one recent basho, so it’s probably not quite his heaviest.

  3. Hoping that Goeido continues stays healthy and win his second Yusho. He looked great last time.

  4. NattoSumo on Youtube has really good recap videos everyday. I enjoy them even more than Kintamayama, at least stats-wise.


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