Wakaichiro Wins Day 4 Match

American sumotori Wakaichiro improved to 2-0 with his win on day 4 over challenger Tokimaru. Tokimaru opens strong, and Wakaichiro gives ground, leading him to the edge. The faster Tokimaru attacks, the more forward his balance becomes until Wakaichiro finishes the match by slapping him down.

The man from Humble Texas has really made great strides in his sumo, and we are eager to see his remaining 5 matches for Haru. Well done, Wakaichiro! Keep moving forward.

Wakaichiro Back In Action Day 4


American Sandanme rikishi Wakaichiro competes in his second match of the Haru basho on day 4. Early in the day, he faces Sandanme 89 ranked wrestler Tokimaru, from Hakuho’s Miyagino stable. Tokimaru is another young, new rikishi who has been on a steady upward trajectory since he entered sumo in May of 2017. He is almost the same size and weight as Wakaichiro so this will be an even match.

As always we will bring you results and video of this match once it’s available online.