Kisenosato’s Yokozuna Gear Revealed


Majestic Red Fuji Theme

In a series of post-promotion dohyo-iri, Kisenosato and his retainers wore a borrowed set of Keshō-mawashi that were on loan from former Yokozuna Wakanohana. But since this ascension was announced, sumo fans wondered what his actual ceremonial garb would depict.

Now that wait is over, in a media event, Kisenosato unveiled the aprons that he, Takayasu and Shohozan will wear on the first day of the Haru basho. Calling out to the world known art of  Katsushika Hokusai, the three depict a scene of Mount Fuji in red, illuminated by the rising sun, with cranes overhead.

Very Japanese, very tasteful, very nice indeed. As with his sword, it became clear last year to a host of suppoters that it was only a matter of time before Kisenosato was promoted, and they began work months before the January yusho that secured his elevation.

Update: There was a nice report on NHK Thursday viewable here