Kisenosato’s Yokozuna Gear Revealed


Majestic Red Fuji Theme

In a series of post-promotion dohyo-iri, Kisenosato and his retainers wore a borrowed set of Keshō-mawashi that were on loan from former Yokozuna Wakanohana. But since this ascension was announced, sumo fans wondered what his actual ceremonial garb would depict.

Now that wait is over, in a media event, Kisenosato unveiled the aprons that he, Takayasu and Shohozan will wear on the first day of the Haru basho. Calling out to the world known art of  Katsushika Hokusai, the three depict a scene of Mount Fuji in red, illuminated by the rising sun, with cranes overhead.

Very Japanese, very tasteful, very nice indeed. As with his sword, it became clear last year to a host of suppoters that it was only a matter of time before Kisenosato was promoted, and they began work months before the January yusho that secured his elevation.

Update: There was a nice report on NHK Thursday viewable here


20 thoughts on “Kisenosato’s Yokozuna Gear Revealed

  1. Quite depressing. Not my style at all. Sadanoumi’s and Ikioi’s are much better !

    • Not big on them either, but then again I recognize that I am a European heritage kind of guy, and this is clearly very Japanese, complete with landmark cultural and artistic references rendered in a very minimalistic way.

      Given that this is Kisenosato, and everyone in Japan is going berserk for him and his magic rope, i would not be surprised to see additional Kesho-mawashi show up courtesy of his backers, fans and sponsors.

      • I enjoy the colors, especially the black and the light blue. There’s something cartoon-like the way Fuji-san has such a small, narrow, snow-capped peak.

  2. The Keshō-mawashi aprons are done in a triptych style, and to my eyes…a good introductory start. Like you guys, I’ve seen some really nice apron designs in the past. Appreciate the link to the “Fine Wind, Clear Morning” Japanese wood block print by late artist Hokusai. Never seen that one before!

    • A few years ago the entire “36 Views of Mt. Fuji” was on display here in DC. It was amazing. My wife was stunned that the Smithsonian was able to get them all together at the same time.

  3. I was thinking there would be some big advertising on there but it’s just the heya’s fan club named at the bottom. Ichinojo used to have the bank of Mongolia and I think someone else has the ramen mascot. My wife seems to remember Kotooshu having yogurt. Is there some rule about sponsorship on the yokozuna kesho mawashi?

    • Terunofuji has Daikin AC last year and Yoshikaze the italian mattress brand Magniflex…

      • For some reason, I really want to see what kind of commercial a mattress company could come up with for Yoshikaze.

        • A few months ago I found a very small picture of his advertising… it’s about a folding mattress… not very sexy ^^

          • I would expect something more hard-hitting. “After getting beaten down by the likes of Hakuho, wake up on this nice, soft mattress…” “Your face may look like burger but at least you can sleep like a baby…”

      • Great job, Celinajames. Ha! I don’t know…what to really say about Yoshikaze and this mattress commercial, other than…he looks…very well rested. Those crazy Japanese (and I meant that in a nice way!) ;)


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