Takayasu Kyujo

Takayasu will be kyujo from the Aki (Autumn) tournament which starts this weekend.

As Herouth stated, this is expected given the condition of his arm. Tamawashi’s desperate kotenage immobilized and twisted the elbow last tournament. Takayasu won that bout with an oshitaoshi to pick up a vital seventh win. The weakened bruiser lost to Shodai the next day but picked up the eighth two days later against Meisei and promptly went kyujo.

His kyujo was the last shoe to drop as none of the ozeki finished the tournament. Takakeisho didn’t start, newly re-promoted Tochinoshin dropped out after starting with five straight losses, and Goeido followed shortly after.

Since Takayasu was able to finish with a kachi-koshi record, his absense from the upcoming basho will mean he will be kadoban for November. The pressure is on kadoban Goeido and Tochinoshin to pick up eight…but Sekiwake Takakesho needs ten for re-promotion.

Hakuho Recovery Update


The Yokozuna Back To Making Public Appearances

While the sumo world was focused on the excitement at the Kokugikan in Tokyo, Yokozuna Hakuho underwent surgery to repair damage to his right big toe and repair ligaments in his left knee. In a earlier article, we copied a recovery picture showing his foot and knee from the hospital. Several days later, a photo appeared on twitter showing Hokuho resuming training. It should be noted that he was (in the photo) working his upper body, and it should be expected that he will only lightly load his knees for several weeks, allowing the surgical repairs to heal.


Now comes a new series of photos on Twitter, showing Hakuho is well enough to resume limited public appearances. For sumo fans everywhere this is great news, thought I would urge caution. At present everyone assumes he will return for the November basho in Fukuoka. While I am sure Hakuho wants very much to return to the doyho, is healing may require a longer departure from sumo. Given his long term goals, and the delicate nature of his knee repair, he would be wise to default to health over competition for as long as he can.