9 thoughts on “Day 8 Live

  1. Daieisho finally gets the one win he needs to avoid Juryo. He’s the only rikishi to newly reach safe harbor today.

  2. I‘m really impressed by Abi. 3-4 after only fighting sanyaku ranked opponents is very strong. Good debut as jōi-jin.

  3. Had a good chuckle this morning browsing the Japanese news. My translation software translated Abi to the happy squirrel, and now that’s all I think when I look at him!

    Speaking of animals; with Onosho down in Juryo, it looks like Daishomaru has decided to take over as king of the tadpoles and is off to another great start this Basho.

    • I don’t think Daishomaru can get comfy in that leader position. Onosho is a freight train coming from Juryo at this point.

  4. I kind of stan Raja on general principle, but David Shapiro is growing on me fast over here. Smart cookie.

    • 💯 for the use of stan in the context of Raja

      I like David too, although I lived in New York for 7 years and his accent sounds unmistakeably like my old dentist

      Which in fairness would have made going to the dentist a hell of a lot more tolerable. I wonder if he’s also a dentist.

  5. Wow Chiomaru’s ass really is very nice!
    Great match Tochi v Ichi, I was on the edge of my seat! They never dissappoint!

  6. Live Day 8: Great fun! Great commentary! (And I especially appreciated the photo of Tochinoshin in his native habitat. Who knew Georgia had so many trees?)


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