Tachiai Live / Grand Sumo Live – Sunday May 20th


The good people at NHK are bringing us another special block of live sumo in the wee hours (US time) of Sunday morning. Because we love such things, the team at Tachiai will join in and conduct another of our live blog session for the full 2 hours of Makuuchi (and maybe some events of the day leading up to that. Yes, I know the NHK broadcast is only the last 50 minutes, but we are hard core enthusiasts, and are plugged into the mega-sumo uplink from the Kokugikan by multiple sources.

So join us at

  • 3:00 AM Eastern
  • 2:00 AM Central
  • 1:00 AM Mountain
  • 12:00 AM Pacific

Time in the US, and bring your happy dance. The Tachiai crew may have (by that point) killed a couple of bottles of sake and be on the silly side.

4 thoughts on “Tachiai Live / Grand Sumo Live – Sunday May 20th

  1. Just asking for a sanity check ….

    The NHK stream begins at 17:10 May 20th. That’s 5:10 PM May 20th, Tokyo time.

    On the east coast of the USA (Eastern Daylight Time),
    the NHK stream begins at 4:10 AM May 20th, or 4:10 AM this coming Sunday.

    Correct, or … ?

    If you’re catching the Wedding of the Decade as well, this means you get up 4:00 AM both Saturday and Sunday. As it happens, rain forecast all weekend so going to bed a bit early shouldn’t be a problem.

    • I know that in Dallas, US Central time, Makuuchi starts at 2:00 AM. The Grand Sumo live will start at 3:10 AM here, 4:10 AM Eastern. Our coverage will start about 60-90 minutes before NHK does.


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