Poll: Should Natsu 2020 Happen?

Simple question. Bruce’s article about 1918 begs the question, given this worst case scenario — fatalities — should Natsu 2020 happen? Has the NSK taken enough precautions to ensure the tournament can happen without spreading COVID-19 throughout the sumo world? They appear to have stopped the spread at one heya, which in my mind is remarkable given their communal living quarters.

I will ask this now…and at the beginning of May. I think it will be very interesting to compare the results.

Natsu Basho Sold Out in 90 Minutes

Today’s headline comes again from Mainichi:

“Pre sale tickets have sold out (for the May tournament) in an hour and a half.”

We’ve got a very short headline today that will introduce several important kanji. Again, I’ll break things but you will need to know ALL of this kanji. The whole thing is beginner level.
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