Tachiai News Update – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Knee Surgery

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss Yokozuna Hakuho’s latest knee surgery, and look into how he has forever changed sumo. What does the future hold for him? Will he be able to return ready to fight in July? Can he keep his body together long enough to be a part of the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games?

Its another 15 minute block of Team Tachiai talking through the scenarios around what could be the final basho of the most dominant rikishi ever to mount the dohyo. Video version on YouTube to follow soon.

Yokozuna Hakuho Undergoes Knee Surgery

Dai-Yokozuna Hakuho underwent knee surgery in an attempt to repair damage to his right knee on Friday. This is the same injury that sidelined him from the March tournament, and has the entire sumo world wondering if he will be forced to retire before the May tournament in Tokyo.

In an article published by NHK, it is reported that Hakuho underwent orthoscopic knee surgery on his right kneed, and that his doctors have told him that it will require at least two months for rehabilitation an healing. His right knee has been a source of concern since last year, and prior to the March basho it was revealed that he was having fluid drained from the knee daily in order to maintain his training schedule.

It is reported that Hakuho has already been discharged from the hospital in Tokyo, and is now recovering at home. In the article, the doctor suggestions that Hakuho undergo knee replacement surgery at some time in the future to maintain mobility and use of his right leg.

Yes, that’s kind of dire folks. We also know that the YDC will be meeting following the Haru basho, and I would not be surprised if they grumpy old men of sumo did not recommend that both Yokozuna retire. At a minimum we won’t see Hakuho until July, and that is not at all certain.

Knees: Endo, Aminishiki, Chiyootori

Chiyootori’s knee buckled as he tried to get the special prize today. His injury adds to Aminishiki and Endo. None of the three could walk away from the dohyo under their own power. Endo seemed in the least pain of the three but all of these cases show how the Kyokai needs to make a change in the way it handles injuries. These wrestlers need medical attention quickly and they should not be walking after these injuries. After seeing what Homasho and Tochinoshin went through, and how he battled back from the lower ranks just last year, I’m not sure Aminishiki will have that much time to battle back.

Chiyootori makes it three
Chiyootori makes it three