Birthday conundrum #2 : the answer

Happy birthday, Terutsuyoshi Shoki!

Terutsuyoshi, in real life Mr. Fukuoka Shoki, is born January the 17th of 1995. He reached the sekitori ranks in January 2017, and makuuchi in March 2019.

Happy birthday, Terutsuyoshi Shoki!

He got as many winning records than losing ones, and has not faced any yokozuna so far. Two particular moments of his career can be highlighted: he finished with a jun-yusho in July 2019 with a formidable 12-3 record, alongside Hakuho (Kakuryu won that yusho with a 14-1 record). One year later, Terutsuyoshi helped his stablemate Terunofuji to win his second yusho, defeating the Mongolian’s rival Asanoyama on day 14, thanks to a now famous ashitori pick. That’s his only win to an ozeki so far.

Birthday conundrum #2 : who am I ?

I slowly rose through the ranks. I became a sekitori in 2017, reached makuuchi in 2019, and did not slide down to juryo since.

Not counting January’s basho, my makuuchi career has been quite indifferent: five kashi koshi, and five make koshi. I haven’t faced one single yokozuna; however, I earned one lone ginboshi (win against an ozeki).

In real life, I’m Mr. Fukuoka, born January the 17th. I’m…

Hatsu Basho 2021 update – Yokozuna Kakuryu kyujo

Unfortunately, we saw that coming. Despite strong threats on his survival as a yokozuna, Kakuryu never made it clear he would actually participate in 2021’s first Basho, and raised lasting concerns about his body condition.

So the news just came. Yokozuna Kakuryu is kyujo for the Hatsu Basho 2021.

Yokozuna Kakuryu is kyujo

Fans wishing for a fantastic finale at the January tournament will be left disappointed. Indeed, we learned yesterday that the full Miyagino heya wouldn’t participate, too, meaning Hakuho is also sidelined. But contrary to his rival, Hakuho’s chance of having another free card, for now, are higher.

Kakuryu’s news also mean we’ll witness yet another nokozuna this tournament.

It may well not be the only one in 2021, unfortunately.

New Covid infection in sumo

Sadly, 2020 will end up in worrying fashion, as the Sumo association just announced another case of Covid within its world.

The infected rikishi is in fact a sekitori. It’s Wakatakakage.

Early this morning, Wakatakakage showed up, feeling badly. The case has been confirmed, and the institution’s next step will be to trace contact cases.

Above all, we’re wishing him a smooth recovery. Let’s hope that his case is isolated within the Arashio stable.