Kyushu Banzuke Released!

The November banzuke has been released, which means it’s only two weeks until sumo starts again! I didn’t manage a full prediction post this time, but in general, everyone ended up more or less where I expected them to, with no big surprises. My official Guess The Banzuke entry placed 32 of the 42 top-division rikishi at the exact rank and record, and two others (Shonannoumi and Kinbozan) at the correct rank but on the wrong side. Of the eight misses, four were by half a rank and four by one full rank.

As expected, the new banzuke has the same san’yaku structure as the previous one, with one Yokozuna, three Ozeki, three Sekiwake, and two Komusubi. The occupants of the three highest ranks are the same, and the only change is Takakeisho and Kirishima switching sides at O1. At Komusubi, Abi and Hokutofuji replace Nishikigi and Tobizaru.

At the bottom of the division, we have a whopping six promotions from Juryo—the most in four years. Four rikishi—Tohakuryu, Churanoumi, Roga and Kitanowaka—will make their Makuuchi debut. Juryo yusho winner Ichiyamamoto returns after a two-basho absence, while Tomokaze has finally climbed all the way back up to the top division after the horrific leg injury he suffered at Kyushu in 2019. Leaving Makuuchi to make room, in addition to absent Hakuoho, are Daishoho, Kagayaki, Chiyoshoma, Kotoshoho, and, most notably, Aoiyama, who’s had a twelve-year run in the top division except for a single basho in 2018. He lands at J1e, and we can hope that “Big Dan” can muster the 8 wins he needs for an immediate return. Hanging on by the skin of his teeth is Nishikifuji, who was saved only by the lack of even a borderline promotion candidate to replace him.

Let me know what you think of the November banzuke in the comments, and it’s on to the Kyushu basho!

14 thoughts on “Kyushu Banzuke Released!

  1. Well, for starters, is there an any chance to bring back the clock to next banho, instead of this new “shop” addition or scandal clock ?

    Bansho clock is taking us through the days and the page visits – just for checking it should be , I presume, very welcome.

  2. Goodness, what a promotion crew from Juryo! It really feels like the banzuke committee is looking to shake things up these days.

      • I think what they did made sense, and it’s what I predicted, but for the sake of argument, only four exchanges were absolutely forced by the results. A lot of guesses had Aoiyama staying over promoting Kitanowaka, and it wouldn’t have been completely crazy for them to snub Churanoumi and keep Kotoshoho.

  3. Very well done, sir.
    I believe I got 19 bullseyes and 10 off by half a rank in my third attempt at the GTB (they haven’t posted the results yet). Better than my last but not as good as my first. I thought Aoiyama was going to hang on like Nishikifuji did. I had Abi and Hokutofuji switched.
    It’s still too hard to accurately read the Kyokai’s minds from so far away.

  4. I for one, am excited to see the return of Tomokaze and I am also interested in seeing how well Roga does too!

    Thank you for the post and as always, the great explanations!

  5. Looks like Aoiyama will soon retire.
    Even if he retires this basho, I’m not surprised.
    Also I’m not aware of his Japanese citizenship status, I wonder what would be his future in Sumo world.

    • He has Japanese citizenship. He is, in fact, eligible for an elder name, and even a heya of his own if he so wishes. The question is if an elder name will be available for him.


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