Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 12

Ozeki Watch

Absent Takakeisho will be kadoban at Aki, needing 8+ wins to save his rank. To avoid the same fate, shin-Ozeki Kirishima (6-4-2) needs to win 2 of his final 3 bouts. Losses by all three Sekiwake on Day 12 mean that S1e Hoshoryu (9-3) and S1w Daieisho (8-4) each need to win out to reach the nominal Ozeki promotion target of 33 wins over 3 basho (and they have yet to face each other, so one of them will pick up a loss), while S2w Wakamotoharu (8-4) can do no better than 32.


All three Sekiwake have done enough to at least hold their ranks, meaning that the only way for Sekiwake slots to open is via Ozeki promotion. At the Komusubi rank, K1e Kotonowaka (8-4) has ensured a return, and could force a Sekiwake promotion by winning out to reach 11. K1w Abi (4-8) will vacate his rank, which should be occupied by surprise yusho race co-leader M1e Nishikigi (10-2), who is a lock to make his san’yaku debut at Aki. If more than one slot needs to be filled, the best contenders are M1w Tobizaru (should he reach 8 wins) and the other co-leader, M9w Hokutofuji (10-2).

Makuuchi Men in Danger

Absent M12w Wakatakakage will drop to Juryo. M16w Bushozan (3-9) is now set to join him. The other endangered incumbents are M17e Aoiyama (6-6), M14e Daishoho (4-8), and M13w Kotoshoho (4-8), who need two wins apiece for safety, and M11w Tsurugisho (4-8), who needs one.

Juryo Promotion Contenders

With two slots open, top-ranked J1e Kagayaki (8-4) has earned an immediate return to the top division, and J1w Atamifuji (9-3) will be back after 4 basho in the second division. The rest of the contenders need wins, as well as losses by the endangered incumbents; in rough order, they are J2e Roga (7-5), J5e Tamashoho (8-4), J5w Kitanowaka (8-4), J9w Tomokaze (10-2), and J2w Mitoryu (6-6). Tomokaze leads the yusho race leader and is a former top division man who is at the high water mark of his long journey back after the horrific leg injury he suffered almost 4 years ago.

For the Juryo/Makushita exchange picture, please follow my Makushita posts, which I will update after the Day 13 yusho decider.

4 thoughts on “Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 12

  1. If Kotonowaka does not get promoted to Sekiwake, I will be disappointed.
    This is his 4th kachi koshi in a row at Komusubi rank.
    Also hoping for Deieisho to get promoted to Ozeki. He deserves it, just needs to improve his consistency.

    • Well…consistency, he kinda got it in a way. If we could say that.His last FIVE bashos, he ended up with 8 or 9 wins. That’s…pretty concistent i would say. Ha ha ha.

      But i get what you mean. I’m with you on that. I’m so also wishing he would make it to sekiwake. So he could at least tell his father “Look father, i hope you are proud of me. I honored you by attaining the same rank like you.”

      The guy got enough talent i think to be a mainstay in Sanyaku. Unfortunatly, he made it in the worst time for him where there is a log jam at sekiwake for nearly the pass year with demoted ozeki and aspiring new ozeki sekiwake.

      His “consistant” 8/9 wins is just not enough right now. (which is sad.) He need to break the double digit wall. (which he did 2 times last time at the start of 2022)

    • If Koto gets 11 wins, he’ll be promoted. If he doesn’t, he won’t, unless they get very generous with ozeki promotions. As for Daieisho, if he wins his final 2, he’ll be a borderline candidate. Anything less and he’ll need to try again.

  2. In other news: goodbye Chiyonokuni, hello Sanoyama oyakata.
    I will miss his aggressive, never give up style of oshi-sumo.
    We are seeing a changing of the guard with excellent newcomers, exciting times for sumo.


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