8 thoughts on “Terunofuji Kyujo

  1. I an surprised; The Yokozuna didn’t look that bad in his two losses but maybe the
    attempted leg trip by Tobizaru further messed up his knees. I hope he will be back for another yusho.

  2. I fear that might be the last we see of Kaiju. Really hoping he can maintain some health and integrity to his body for a long life beyond sumo.

  3. Oh no… the last beacon of upper echelons falls this basho. I do hope that we can get some more Yokozuna action out of Terunofuji (hopefuly not at the expense of his health).
    I am his fan since ōzeki times and love his sometimes controversial power sumo. I believe many had high hopes for him but we are reminded again and again that these men are not machines. The pace is insane and load heavy. Hope he recovers well.

  4. Though a back injury wouldn’t be good for the Kaiju, it would be better than a repeat of one of his many knee injuries. He made going 14-1 look fairly simple in May, so hopefully he finds a way to get himself right enough to climb back onto the dohyo sometime in the not too distant future. His story is a great one, I hope the part of his story as a rikishi isn’t over yet.


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