Nagoya 2023: Day 4 Preview

A quick and dirty preview tonight because I’m late. My apologies. I’m expecting Terunofuji to go kyujo but we shall see.


Endo (3-0) vs Aoiyama (1-2): Endo has looked pretty good so far this tournament. He faced a much bigger opponent last night and opted for a henka. I don’t think he’ll do that against Aoiyama and I think this will be his biggest challenge so far. Aoiyama can definitely pummel Endo and often seems extra eager for the boost in kensho.

Hakuoho (2-1) vs Bushozan (1-2): Hakuoho suffered his first setback yesterday, exposing the idea that disrupting his preferred method of sumo might be a good way to win. I think he will be too much for Bushozan, though.

Daishoho (0-3) vs Takarafuji (2-1): Daishoho has not been able to generate much offensive power so far this tournament. Takarafuji appeared to handle Hakuoho with relative ease.

Gonoyama (3-0) vs Ryuden (0-3): Ryuden has looked dreadful this tournament. He’ll have to pull something special to beat Gonoyama. Henka, anyone?

Shonannoumi (2-1) vs Kotoshoho (1-2): This is an interesting, first time match-up. Shonannoumi is a big dude and has had a pretty good start while Kotoshoho has looked shaky. I’m expecting the newer newcomer to prevail.

Kotoeko (2-1) vs Chiyoshoma (2-1): Highlight bout. Something interesting will happen here. Of twenty bouts, Kotoeko has won 13. Chiyoshoma is wily and can be a brawler. Should be fun, this one.

Kinbozan (2-1) vs Tsurugisho (0-3): I’m pretty late to get this preview up, so I’m half expecting Tsurugisho to already go Tsurugi-kyujo.

Myogiryu (1-2) vs Hokutofuji (2-1): Myogiryu will get a hold of Hokutofuji’s belt and tame the Hakkaku-beya buckaroo.

Takayasu (3-0) vs Takanosho (0-3): Takayasu is playing for keeps. Should be a quick one. No mistakes, Papayasu. No mistakes.

Nishikifuji (3-0) vs Tamawashi (2-1): Tamawashi’s sumo has lacked a bit of the excitement of the past. I’ve been expecting dynamic brawls and I get sad pulls. Maybe that’s just been his game and I finally see it?

Sadanoumi (1-2) vs Oho (1-2): I was finally right about Sadanoumi! Yeah, he’ll win this one, too!

Hiradoumi (1-2) vs Hokuseiho (1-2): It’s really interesting to see Sadanoumi and Hiradoumi fighting back-to-back, with identical records, and against the highly touted upstart proteges, Oho and Hokuseiho. I want to see more of Hiradoumi’s energetic attack. Hokuseiho will not be able to contain him as Asanoyama did.

Asanoyama (2-1) vs Onosho (1-2): This should be a straight-forward win for Asanoyama. He can’t drop these.

Ura (1-2) vs Meisei (2-1): We finally got Ura-zumo last night. Meisei fell to Earth by virtue of Abi’s tawara tight-rope walk. Keep Ura in front of you, Meisei. Don’t let him sneak out the side and get around you.


Tobizaru (1-2) vs Abi (2-1): If Daieisho, I mean, Tobizaru has been able to catch his breath from last night, he’ll put up a great fight against Abi. As always, it has the potential to be a fun one…or a fast one.

Midorifuji (0-3) vs Wakamotoharu (2-1): Midorifuji is taking a pummeling but Wakamotoharu showed his first crack last night. Can Wakamotoharu keep this run together?

Nishikigi (3-0) vs Daieisho (3-0): Bout of the night right here. What? You were expecting me to say Terunofuji vs Shodai?

Hoshoryu (2-1) vs Mitakeumi (0-3): I had hopes Mitakeumi was healthy but I’m very suspicious of that left thigh. Hoshoryu will get back on course with an easy win here.

Kotonowaka (2-1) vs Kirishima (0-1-2): Our Shin-Ozeki is back! Probably just in time for the Yokozuna to drop out. I’m just waiting for the phone call to make it official.

Terunofuji (1-2) vs Shodai (1-2): If Terunofuji competes tonight, it’s because Shodai should be an easy win. It would be just like Shodai to actually show up and do sumo like he did last night, though.

2 thoughts on “Nagoya 2023: Day 4 Preview

  1. It’s funny that Hiradoumi gets treated as though he’s a tough old veteran. Yesterday, Jason referred to him as a “journeyman.” The guy’s 23! Sadanoumi was in makuuchi before Hiradoumi started highschool. He’s younger than Oho and has fought two-thirds as many top division bouts. True, Hiradoumi’s a year and a half younger than Hokuseiho, but that ain’t much.
    I really like him, he seems to have a good range of knowledge & awareness. Having put on weight in the past couple of years, he’s developed quite a muscular belly and threw a bit of a Bump against Ura on Day 1. But he’s not quite as big as he sometimes thinks he is, has tried a few times to overpower much bigger rikishi, and it hasn’t worked. I hope he tries something different against the Sleepy Giant.


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