New Juryo for Nagoya

The Juryo promotions have been announced, and there are five.

There are three newcomers to the sekitori ranks (pictured above): Ms1w Kawazoe (5-2) from Miyagino beya, who now gets a new shikona of Kiho, the Ukranian Ms2w Shishi (6-1), and Ms5e Yuma (5-2). Two rikishi are returning to salaried status: former Juryo regular Ms3w Chiyonoumi (4-3), who’s been toiling in the third division for two years, and hard-luck Ms1e Shiden (4-3), who’d missed out on promotion by a hair on several occasions, including last basho, and who missed his only basho ranked in Juryo due to his peripheral involvement in the Hidenoumi gambling mini-scandal.

Where are the 5 slots coming from? J5e Tochinoshin has retired, creating one opening in the second division. A second is opened by Ichinojo’s retirement, which created an extra opening in the top division, with a cascading effect on Juryo. One obvious demotion is that of winless veteran J9w Chiyonokuni (0-10-5), who may be next on the intai watch. The two we were less certain about are Juryo debutant J14e Tokihayate (6-9), although it was hard to imagine him staying with that rank and record, and injured fan favorite J3w Enho (0-10-5). We can infer from the five promotions that both will fall to Makushita. We’ll see if Enho has a comeback in him, or if he follows the trajectory of his similarly size-challenged Miyagino heya-mate, Ishiura.

8 thoughts on “New Juryo for Nagoya

    • They only announce the juryo promotions early, we have to wait for banzuke day (june 26) for the rest, but he should be ranked around Ms4, with a shot at juryo with a good score in July

      • Thanks…Yeah, i’m hoping he can keep his consistency..seems to be wobbling around the mid/upper Maks a bit….guess we’ll he how he matures…

  1. Based on your post prediction, Enho is falling from “heaven” to “Hell” directly from his Juryo 3 rank all the way down twelve rung ? (or more ?!?)

    Wouldn’t there be a scenario to consider where perhaps they could instead send down Juryo 11 Hidenoumi with his 6-9 score down just five rung instead ?

    I know 0-15 is catastrophic but man…..Enho was all the way at the top of Juryo. That’s…still a lot of rank to fall down. Are 6 win really trump 7 rungs ? Done like that, i feel it would almost mean that where ever you are in Juryo, going 0-15, even if you are ranked 1 is almost certainly getting you kicked out of salaried rank. -_-

    • Which on the other hand also means that a rikishi can rise to Makuuchi from practically every rank in Juryo with a zensho yusho. And that I think is a good thing.

    • People who know better than me say that 0 wins in anywhere Juryo is a demotion if there’s anyone available to promote from Ms1-Ms5. No chance Hidenoumi is dropped instead. 6 more wins is roughly equivalent to 12 ranks.

      • Oh!!
        Ok, i didn’t know that. Wowee ! I’m so surprise !
        I learned something. Thank you !

  2. Is it just me or is Hakuho a bit too rough on his team?
    I mean, all Miyagino rikishi looked pretty banged up:
    Hokuseiho: Legs (?)
    Enho: complete wreck, coming in everyday in no condition to fight
    Ochiai: Shoulder bandaged, the other arm clearly hurting
    Kawazoe: Promotion completely on one foot

    Even Mukainano, Otani and Raiho didn’t look smooth…


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