Makushita Yusho and Promotion Races, Day 11

We’re down to two yusho contenders in Makushita. In the semifinals, Ms2w Shishi was upset by Ms26w Kiryuko, while Ms42e Daishomaru took care of Ms58e Okinohama. So the title will be decided on Day 13 in a match between Kiryuko, a rising prospect, and Daishomaru, a former maegashira who’s broken a streak of 9 straight make-koshi.

At least three Juryo slots are open due to the retirements of Ichinojo and Tochinoshin and the withdrawal of winless Chiyonokuni. Several others may still open. The three open slots are spoken for by Ms1e Shiden (4-2), Ms1w Kawazoe (4-2), and Shishi (5-1). The next-best promotion case belongs to Ms5e Yuma (5-1), who could still use one more win given his relatively low rank. Ms3w Chiyonoumi (3-3), Ms4e Tochimusashi (3-3), and Ms4w Hayatefuji (3-3) all need a win and open slots. They’re likely to be matched with Juryo demotion contenders down the stretch in a series of potential “exchange bouts.”

Oh, and mega-prospect Ms10TD Onosato shook off his opening loss to Ishizaki and now has a 5-1 record.


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