Haru Basho Contest Winner

We have a winner for the BuySumoTickets contest! We actually had five entrants who correctly guessed BOTH Osaka-native Ura’s wins (9) AND that of the tie-breaker, Ochiai (10). Kirk, aka Shussekiyama, was also eligible for the tickets since he will be in Japan. But I still want to give recognition to the full list of correct entries:

  • Kirk (Shussekiyama)
  • Jonathan Wagner
  • Daniel Hazelrigg
  • Aric Wu
  • Boris Cardinale

I must say, I was way off with my own pick. But pretty much everyone thought both men would secure kachi-koshi, winning records. There were only a handful of more pessimistic entries, including mine. I know Ura had fallen down the banzuke but I didn’t think he would be that successful. I’d possibly underestimated the home crowd boost in Ura’s favor.

Juryo is also far from a cake walk, so Ochiai’s impressive 10-win debut will lift him into the meat of the division. How many tournaments do you think it will take for him to make it to Makuuchi? Nakamura, now known as Onosato, will be nipping at his heels this year as both try to rocket into the top division.

Thank you to the winners, and thank you to all of the participants. I will need to come up with something a little more difficult for the tie breaker next time. Maybe guess the number of wins by yorikiri?

10 thoughts on “Haru Basho Contest Winner

  1. Thanks for posting Andy! Wow – five people tied. That is amazing! Well done to all. I think your tie breaker of guessing wins by Yorikiri is a good one!

  2. You could just ask people to guess the yusho winner as a tiebreaker. Almost everyone gets that wrong most of the time ;)

    • I like this line of reasoning but it can’t be henka because there’s no clear definition or authoritative data source.

      • There’s a sumo fan out there who does unofficial henka data collection — I’ve heard him cited on the Sumo Mainichi podcast not too long ago. Can’t recall his name, unfortunately.

        • I seem to remember a Tochinoshin henka that wasn’t a henka — and other questionable “hit-and-shift” almost henkas. I just can’t go with shades of grey.

  3. Hi,

    Can we set the basho clock ? This is like ritual to come to the page and see how much time there is for another tournament and for new banzuke posting :-)


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