Hakuho Retirement Ceremony

It’s about time Andy got around to writing about last weekend’s marquee event, isn’t it? I do want to point people to Hiro’s special Hakuho edition of Sumo Prime Time. I liked that he interviewed a lot of fans who were at the retirement ceremony. It’s great to watch sumo events live, and in person, but it’s even better when you get to enjoy the company of fellow fans. And sometimes you actually get to see the wrestlers up close. Hakuho has always been devoted to his fans, and fan service is a driving force behind the events put on by the Sumo Kyokai.

You may remember Andrew Blum from Sydney, Australia as our recent BuySumoTickets contest winner. When I gave him the good news of his win, he shared more details of his current trip to Japan where he attended this retirement ceremony.

Above are a few of the pictures he has to go with the memories that will last a lifetime. On the left, we have him with Ochiai, fresh off his historic makushita yusho. He will be wrestling in Juryo in March. Now, Andrew will get to see him in May. Joining them was Kawazoe, another of Miyagino’s top recent recruits. Then, on the right, Andrew was lucky to catch up with Miyagino okami-san. He also got to see former Ikioi and many others.

I’m glad to see fans making it back over to Japan, and filling seats at Kokugikan!

8 thoughts on “Hakuho Retirement Ceremony

  1. Sad to see him go but what a send off! Who knew the horse head fiddle could do that (the Hu knew!) Fun film from Ryu. I enjoyed Hiro’s piece too but SPT’s latest – highlights of monoii!?

    • I unsubscribed from SPT. Hiro’s style is very irritating. I accept that this style is ok for Japanese (or other Asian) viewers but for western viewers this is very childish overplayed goofy. The content considering their almost infinite possibilities of materials is not very interesting for me.
      Not to mention their owners (NSK) striked Kintamayama which is unforgivable for me.

  2. I sometimes think the videos on sumo prime time are a bit cheesy on purpose, trying to find an approachability to non sumo fans. Perhaps yes a bit too far in that direction, but i think this is because they are trying to speak more to totally new potential sumo fans more than folks who are already convinced they are fans. Hiro is hilarious and makes me lol often with his over the top enthusiasm. I’ll cut them slack for now now and hope they add more “seasoned fan” content as they grow. But if they don’t, this channel is still insanely important for sumo.

  3. Thanks Andy and the team for the competition and a for mentioning buysumotickets.com in the first place. After learning of the Hakuho retirement ceremony date, I booked all travel necessities expecting to have little trouble getting the actual ticket to the ceremony, however after few weeks of trying I was reduced accepting that standing in front of Kokugikan was all I was going to get. Your mention of buysumotickets.com website revived my hope and rest is a history full of incredible memories. I intend to spend couple of days at the Natsu tournament and already arranging plans for Kakuryu/Ikioi retirement weekend bonanza. Thanks again!!


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