Demotion Watch, Day 11

Four days remain.


O1e Takakeisho (8-3) is kachi-koshi; his rank is safe at least through March.

O1w Shodai (5-6) needs 3 wins to save his rank; anything less and he’ll be Sekiwake.

S1e Wakatakakage (6-5) needs two more wins to hold rank, and 3-4 to carry over his Ozeki run.

S1w Hoshoryu (10-1) will be Sekiwake in January and has started his own Ozeki run.

S2w Mitakeumi (4-7) will not be returning to Ozeki and is in danger of dropping to maegashira unless he wins at least 3 more bouts.

Among the Komusubi quartet, Tamawashi (3-8) will lose his rank, Daieisho and Tobizaru (5-6) need 3 wins, while Kiribayama (7-4) needs one. M1e Takayasu (9-2) is set to return to san’yaku; if there’s additional room, M1w Kotonowaka 7-4 is next in line.

Makuuchi to Juryo

Chiyotairyu’s retirement opens up one slot in the top division. M16e Terutsuyoshi (0-11) will be vacating another. M15w Atamifuji (3-8) cannot afford another loss, while M8e Takarafuji (1-10), no longer winless after today, still needs at least 2 more wins. The current ranked list of promotion contenders is as follows: 1. Tsurugisho, 2. Akua, 3. Mitoryu, 4. Bushozan, 5. Hokuseiho, 6. Chiyomaru.


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