Day 12 Demotion Watch

With four days remaining, it’s time for an update on how many wins various rikishi need to avoid losing rank.

The Named Ranks

Ozeki Mitakeumi (3-8) is make-koshi and will drop to Sekiwake for November. Two Sekiwake slots are spoken for by him and incumbent Wakatakakage (8-4). Daieisho (5-7) needs to win out to defend his rank, although 2 wins should only drop him to Komusubi. Hoshoryu (6-6) needs 2 wins to remain Sekiwake and 1 to stay in San’yaku.

Absent Komusubi Abi will drop into the rank and file, as will Ichinojo (4-8). Kiribayama (7-5) is a win away from holding rank.

It’s still not clear if any regulation San’yaku slots will open. Having secured his kachi-koshi at M1e, surprise of the basho Tobizaru (9-3) should get a promotion even if this means creating an extra slot. Yusho leader M3e Tamawashi (10-2) can also stake a claim with a strong finish, as could M4w Takayasu (9-3), so we may see an expanded lower San’yaku for the second straight basho.

Juryo Danger

M14w Yutakayama (3-9) and M16e Mitoryu (4-8) now have demotable records, and need to win out and hope for very favorable banzuke luck to avoid a trip to Juryo. M15w Tsurugisho (4-8) saved himself for the time being by winning two in a row, but still needs 3 more to avoid a drop. M15e Terutsuyoshi (5-7) and M16w Hiradoumi (6-6) can reach safety with 2 wins. Chiyotairyu and Ichiyamamoto are not completely out of the woods, while everyone else is safe for November. The list of plausible promotion candidates in Juryo has been whittled down to four: Tahakuryu, Kagayaki, Atamifuji, and Azumaryu.

Makushita Danger

Absent J5w Asanowaka will in all likelihood drop to Makushita. J13w Tochimaru (2-10) is now certain to join him. Two more wins are needed to ensure safety for J12e Gonoyama (5-6), while 14w Takakento (7-5) only needs one. M1w Roga (4-2) is the first Makushita rikishi to clinch promotion; for the rest of the candidates, see my Makushita post. The only change today is that M3w Daishomaru (3-4) lost his crossover bout to J13e Oshoma (7-5), eliminating the former and securing a Juryo stay for the latter. Tomorrow, Ms4e Tsushimanada (4-2) will try to clinch a promotion against Gonoyama.


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