Day 7 Demotion Watch

With seven days in the books, wrestlers would have hoped to put themselves in a position where a record of 4-4 or better the rest of the way would allow them to save rank. Here’s a brief look at those who have not managed this, and need more wins than losses over the remaining eight days to avoid losing rank.

The Named Ranks

The best thing that can be said about Shodai is that he is not kadoban this time, and will keep his rank for November no matter what. Fellow Ozeki Mitakeumi (3-4) does not have this luxury, and will need to find 5 wins to avoid dropping to Sekiwake.

In lower San’yaku, Sekiwake Daieisho (1-6) needs to win 7 of 8 to defend his rank, although 6 wins should only drop him to Komusubi. Absent Komusubi Abi will drop deep into the rank and file, while fellow Komusubi Ichinojo (2-5) needs 6 more wins to hold rank.

Juryo Danger

The following rikishi are candidates for the Juryo barge unless they record more wins than losses from here on out: M15w Tsurugisho (1-6, 6 wins needed), M16e Mitoryu (3-4, 5 wins needed), and M14w Yutakayama (2-5, 5 wins needed).

Makushita Danger

Absent J5w Asanowaka will in all likelihood drop to Makushita. Four other rikishi seek 5 or more wins to avoid losing their salaried status. Two who might not surprise you are J14w Takakento (3-4), who’s been bouncing back and forth between Juryo and Makushita for the better part of two years, and J13w Tochimaru (2-5), who arguably exceeded expectations just by reaching the second division. Joining them on this undesirable list are two newcomers with higher expectations: J12e Gonoyama and J13e Oshoma, who’ve managed only 2 wins apiece. The former could luck out with only 4 more wins, while the latter is much less likely to do so. As luck would have it, the two are paired up on Day 8, so one is guaranteed to exit it with a 2-6 record.

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