Birthday Dashboard Update

I updated the birthday dashboard with rankings from May and cleaned out some retired wrestlers. However, I might create a new dashboard with them specifically. June 15th is the birthdays of Kojikara and Takataisho, followed by Moriurara and Hagiwara (now Hokuozan). Hokuozan’s shikona hasn’t registered yet because he’s been kyujo, so there aren’t any bouts with the new shikona. I’ve got to do a bit of juggling of my ETL process in order to fix that bug.

I cannot give Doitsuyama and the SumoDB enough credit. That database is amazing and without their efforts, frankly, sumo probably wouldn’t be as much fun. It’s awesome to poke around in the database. I just wish the videos wouldn’t get taken down by YouTube on occasion. Anyway, I just like taking the data and viewing it in new ways, like we have here. This visualization gives a few features, including: the calendar view on the top left, the age distribution of active wrestlers below it, and the little “career tracker” on the right which help us visually see the rise of our favorite wrestlers, and track their progress through the ranks over the course of a career.

I like the age distribution view because we can see that Jonokuchi is really the division of young recruits. It’s intended to be an introductory division, not a career.

My next feature will be to add little icons in the career tracker to indicate yusho and kyujo. I just think those little touches would be nice. And I think I’ll add a month filter so you want to navigate to a different month or a different day, you’ll be able to do so. Lastly, I plan to tie it in with the horoscope feature that the kyokai put on their website, giving a horoscope view instead of a month-to-month calendar view.


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