This Weekend – Cowboy Cup Sumo Tournament

Saturday June 11th, at the Panther Island Pavilion in Ft Worth, the Dallas Sumo Club will be holding the “Cowboy Cup” amateur sumo event. Scheduled to run from noon to 4:00 PM, the tournament will feature rikishi from the local sumo club, Dark Circle in Austin, Mighty Eagle sumo from San Antonio, along with competitors from across the country.

Your truly will be part of the crew putting on the event, and you may even hear my voice on the live stream that is schedule to accompany the action at the Panther Island Pavilion. If you are in the greater DFW area, and wish to come watch, you can purchase tickets here – get tickets

If you wish to compete, this is the link for you – enter to compete

There will be a fair number of US sumo media people, including Jake from Grand Sumo Breakdown, Leslie from Sumo Kaboom, and of course my own self.

This should be a fun and interesting competition, it is taking place outdoors, in Texas, in June on a day when the temperature will be above 100°F (~38°C). If you come, bring some shade and be ready for red hot sumo!

2 thoughts on “This Weekend – Cowboy Cup Sumo Tournament

  1. this was a great watch! really impressed with their organisation and streaming and especially the kensho banners being paraded! it got up to 107 degrees, unbelievable. I don’t know how anyone can survive in that heat, let alone compete in multiple sumo matches (sometimes back-to-back…) The commentary and interviews by Bruce and Laurie were great. Some really great folk involved in sumo over there.


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