Makushita Yusho Finalists

Six rounds have now been completed in the single-elimination tournament for the third-division yusho, and we are down to two remaining undefeated contenders who will face off for the yusho on Day 13! The final bout in the bracket will be:

  • Ms6 Chiyonoumi vs. Ms34 Kinbozan

This is an exciting pairing. Chiyonoumi is trying to return to the salaried ranks, where he has spent 14 tournaments in several stints over the past 4 years. Kinbozan is a highly touted newcomer who debuted at Sd100 in November, won that yusho, and has an 18-2 career record!

To be considered for promotion to Juryo, a rikishi needs either a winning record at Ms1-Ms5 or an undefeated record at Ms15 or higher. Chiyonoumi is still in a position to do the latter. The promotion picture in the the top 10 is as follows:

  • Eliminated: absent Asanoyama and Dewanoryu; Ms2e Kanno (2-4)
  • Must win and hope for good banzuke luck: Ms3e Nishikawa (3-3), Ms4e Tsushimanada (3-3), Ms4w Oshoma (3-3), Ms5e Fukai (3-3).
  • Great promotion chance with a win, some chance with a loss: Ms5w Hokuseiho (5-1).
  • Ms1e Chiyoarashi (4-2) is certain to go up; Ms1w Tochimaru (4-2) should be a lock for promotion with a win and a strong candidate with a loss.

With both J14’s at 8 losses, two slots are now open in Juryo. Five others still need 2-3 wins to ensure keeping their salary. The promotion pecking order is something like the following:

  1. Chiyonoumi with a win
  2. Chiyoarashi
  3. Tochimaru with a win
  4. Hokuseiho with a win
  5. Tochimaru with a loss
  6. Hokuseiho with a loss + any of the 3-3’s with a win, in rank order


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