Hatsu 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 6

First up, I bring you a great little bout between Urutora and Nishikio. Despite the obvious size disadvantage, Urutora picked up an impressive shitatenage win. We also have a great treat from quite the drama in the yusho race!

Because of an odd number of undefeated wrestlers in Makushita and the need to balance the bouts with undefeated wrestlers from lower divisions, the higher-ranked Nakashima visited Jonidan, leaving Aoifuji paired off against one-loss Tanimoto. Aoifuji tried the pull-down at the tachiai, and it nearly worked but Tanimoto recovered. Tanimoto then countered with superior footwork and powerful thrusting, wining by oshidashi. This left Nakashima with a chance to take the lead on his own, or a chance for a cluster of 5-1 wrestlers going into the final match day.

Kitanomine returned in March of last year from an extended (2+ year) kyujo. He had been steadily rising in Sandanme before his injury and even made it back to the division late last year but was kyujo again in Fukuoka. So both he and Nakashima are experienced and have the skills for higher rankings. This bout had me on the edge of my seat, Kitanomine had the early advantage and very nearly shoved Nakashima out but Nakashima fought back. His win means that on Friday (Day 13) he will have a chance to lock up the yusho!


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