Shimanoumi and Myogiryu Kyujo

Word in the Japanese press that Shimanoumi and Myogiryu are kyujo as of day 11. There is no explanation given as to why they have both withdrawn. My concern is that they have contracted the Omicron variant, and we may see a rapid spread among the rikishi thanks to the last 11 days of competition. Should that be the case, there is a question in my mind about if they will be able to conclude the basho at all.

Whatever is plaguing the two of them, we hope they are able to recover soon.

Both were part of the “Darwin Funnel” group at with 5-5 scores. Their day 11 opponents, Endo and Wakamotoharu will each receive fused wins, with Wakamotoharu improving to 6-5, and Endo staving off make-koshi for yet another day, advancing to 4-7.

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