New Recruits: October 2021

The New Recruit exam was today and five newbies were welcomed into the Kyokai.

Isegahama picked up two recruits while Fujishima, Sadogatake, and Arashio picked up one each. Suguro Ibuki, Fujishima-beya’s 24 year old new star, will debut in Sandanme. At 167 cm tall, he’s right at the height cutoff but at 152kg and with a successful amateur career, he will want to compete for the yusho.

All of the others will do their maezumo and debut in Jonokuchi at Hatsu. Asuhada, going to Arashio beya, was the tallest of the bunch at 189 cm (about 6′ 2″), and 150 kg. At 21 years old, he hails from the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, the same region as his new stablemaster, ex-Sokokurai. The final three are youngsters of 17-18 years old. I look forward to seeing them in their kesho mawashi next month!


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