Birthday Calendar Released

The new Tachiai Birthday Calendar

I have released Tachiai’s new Birthday Calendar. Josh had a couple of very good suggestions, one of which I was able to go ahead and implement for the initial release. The other will take some time, and may need a different dashboard.

I was able to add candlestick charts of Age by Division, and added it to the lower left. The candlesticks give more than the basic average, allowing one a deeper view into the age distribution. While the average age in the lower divisions is lower than Makuuchi, there’s a wider spread with more older wrestlers…notably Hanakaze in Jonidan. It is interesting to see that the average age increases by about a year as you move to higher divisions, but the most outliers are well below Juryo. While young wrestlers progress through the ranks in their career, they drop back down as they age and we see that with this interesting age distribution.

The other suggestion was to look into whether there are more wrestlers who are university graduates. That would mean their entry into Grand Sumo would necessarily be later (and thus older) than previously. Enho, Endo and Myogiryu are examples of university grads who have birthdays this week. Click the link above or you can find the menu item in the main navigation. I don’t want to have it load for everyone visiting the site today, so I didn’t embed it directly into this post, opting for the screenshot above. I’m eager to hear what y’all think!


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