Former Maegashira Kobo Dies of Covid (47)

Former Maegashira Kobo died today of Covid. He had been hospitalized in Nagoya where he had been working at Kotomitsuki’s yakiniku restaurant.

Born Mineyama Kenichi in 1973 in Kagoshima, he began his sumo career in 1989 and won the Jonokuchi yusho in his first tournament. After spending more than seven years in Makushita he joined the salaried ranks in 1999 and Makuuchi in 2001, retiring in 2008.

Kobo was anideshi (elder stablemate) to Hakuho at Miyagino-beya. Hakuho credited training with Kobo for helping him achieve the rank of Yokozuna. After retirement from active sumo, he was an oyakata, first as Ajigawa and eventually as Otowayama-oyakata until retirement in 2018.

Tachiai extends its condolences to Mineyama, his family and friends.



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