Tachiai Natsu Podcast – Banzuke And Predictions

Andy, Josh and Bruce return to review the May banzuke, and pick out their favorites for a bit of examination. We cover Wakatakakage, Tobizaru, the “redemption” wave from Terunofuji, Ura and Murata, and we discuss if Chiyonokuni will actually start this tournament following his kyujo in March. We round out the show with our always regrettable predictions. It’s 27 minutes of your life you will never get back, so spend them with us as we talk bout sumo.

This is part 2 of two, with the YouTube version available soon.

2 thoughts on “Tachiai Natsu Podcast – Banzuke And Predictions

  1. Tobizaru’s in makuuchi with 5 guys he can’t* get matched against- 4 stablemates and his big brother. I wonder what’s the biggest ‘family’ group a banzuke has had? There are a lot of those Chiyo- fellas.
    *unless there’s a playoff


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