Tachiai Natsu Video – News and Events

The YouTube video version of our audio podcast posted last night. Josh, Andy and Bruce cover sumo topics and news around the Natsu basho, now just days away. We discuss the 4 Ozeki banzuke, and wonder if it’s an omen of approach doom, the hard-chargers in the top Maegashira ranks, the battle Royale at the top of Makushita, Hakuho’s snub with the ichidai-toshiyori, and the terrible news of Hibikiryu’s death.

This is the first of a two parter, with the next one to be posted before the start of the tournament on Sunday.

One thought on “Tachiai Natsu Video – News and Events

  1. It strikes me that there are at least two aspects of the Hibikiryu matter that deserve attention by the sumo authorities. First is the availability of more prompt medical attention. Second, and perhaps even more important, is the training of rikishi on how to fall.

    Hibikiryu suffered cataclysmic consequences from his choice to land head first, with his massive full weight compressing his neck. No matter how fast or slow the medical attention he received, the outcome of suffering that kind of blow were going to be disastrous. Rikishi are trained to land headfirst, rather than attempting to break their fall by reaching out. Training is needed in safe falling techniques.


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