Yokozuna Kakuryu announces retirement

The Yokozuna has informed the NSK of his resolution to retire. The matter will be discussed in a board meeting, but it is a done deal – he will become Kakuryu oyakata, taking advantage of the Yokozuna privilege of staying up to 5 years as an elder using his ring name.

We wish Kakuryu a fruitful career as an elder, and thank him for his long career and clever sumo.

3 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kakuryu announces retirement

  1. Can’t “like” this post.

    When we saw this flash across the opening of the day 11 highlight’s, my sister and I cried. To our Western eyes, Kakuryu was a Gentleman warrior; a fierce and honorable competitor. We will miss his presence in the ring.

    I wish him well in the next stage of his career.

  2. have the utmost respect for Kakuryu at every level, both personal and professional. it’s a bittersweet announcement but he knows his own body and what it will/won’t do any more, to see him win his emporer’s cups was a joy. but now as Kakuryu oyakata i look forward to this evolution. what he’s doing with/for Kiribayama will pay dividends as they settle into their new normal. this may sound crazy but i can even see some of Kakuryu’s serenity in Kiribayama as he goes through his pre-tachiai routines… i wish Kakuryu and his family nothing but the best


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