Andy’s Bingo Card

Takayasu’s the first wrestler in Makuuchi into safety. Tonight, Terunofuji and Chiyonokuni could join him. The good news is that my card has all three. The bad news is, none of them are on the same rank, file, or on a diagonal. Unfortunately, I also have Hakuho, Kakuryu, and Kotoshoho. Even worse, Kakuryu and Kotoshoho are blocking Takayasu on my card.

When I first saw the card, I thought the top line was my best shot. Hakuho’s kyujo put an end to that; the pair of Daieisho and Takarafuji have not performed as well as I’d hoped. Kotoshoho is also blocking another great row with Hidenoumi, Mitakeumi, Takanosho, and Tobizaru.

Chiyonokuni’s success is also wasted on my card, blocked by Hakuho and then Tochinoshin and Onosho for the block on the bottom row. And then as for Terunofuji, Tsurugisho and Daiamami need to rally for the second row to pay off while Mitakeumi has been fading. I think his right leg is injured because several times it does not seem that it can support much more than his own weight, much less a 150kg+ opponent. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t make his kachi-koshi, that will block both diagonals.

In the end, I do think this card has a chance to get kachi-koshi but it will definitely not be early this week, if at all.

3 thoughts on “Andy’s Bingo Card

  1. Was going to make a snarky “what, why no free space” comment…. but honestly given the unprecedented slate of kyujo (for various reasons… injury, virus, yokozuna, etc)… they really ought to have one!!! :)

  2. I don’t know Andy, but by looking at your “Bingo” card, i think you are quite a bit more “screw up” than what you are trying to explain to us in your post. ^_^ ‘

    Your placement of Hakuko, Kakuryu and Kotoshoho really block you more line thank you think i believe.

    Base on the current result after day 9 and before day 10 (which i believe is the time you writted your post), you actually have….only 3 rows left for a possible bingo. >_<

    Mitakeumi is really completly “dead” to you actually thank to Takarafuji Make-koshi.
    I believe your only best bet (and hope) would we be either the second row vertically or horizontaly.
    I wouldn’t put much hope on that last third possible bottom row of kachi-koshi with Onosho down there at only 1 lost from Make-Koshi.

    You better clench your butt firmly for your last two only row because a lot of those rikishi need to work out quite a lot to get a winning score. o.o



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